Stacey McClain

Stacey McClain

SistaahGurl: A girl or woman who shares a common allegiance, character or purpose with other women or girls in a sisterly fashion.

An executive friend took one look at my business card which displays my company name and she said it best… “be true to thine self.”  My response was, “yes, exactly.”

People often ask about the name, Sistaah Gurlfriend Productions, and each time the question brings a smile to my face. With the urban connotation and the misspelled colloquialism of sister and girl, I’m giving you an opportunity to judge and walk away, or celebrate differences and explore the possibilities. I hope you do the latter.  I’ve toyed with creating a generic company description; however every one I’ve pondered never quite described my intent as, Sistaah Gurlfriend Productions.  The name is two fold, as it also gives you insight to who I am.

Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, I have always had a strong desire to entertain.  And, of course, as a young girl, I’d often seek African American performers to connect with.  I grew up watching strong characters such as Pam Grier in “Coffy,” Diahann Carroll on the series “Dallas,”  and  Esther Rolle on the show “Good Times.”  However, most recently, I’ve been feeling like African American actresses have been under represented.  So, as a result of my observations, coupled with my passion for creativity, I’ve made an effort to create works that represent different types, styles and flavas of the black female experience. I’m particularly interested in creating stories that don’t usually get told, thus you will find that I’m developing a web series about a modern day black female super hero. (Stay tuned for SistaahFriend.) This does not mean that I will ONLY create content for African American actresses, it simply means that I plan to incorporate the breadth of the African American female experience as much as I possibly can into my work.

So, whether we share the same passions or if you’re just looking for some good entertainment– I am hoping that you will take  the time to consider your production needs, and occasionally tune in to SISTAAH GURLFRIEND PRODUCTIONS to see what we  have to offer in the way of content.  Oh, and please, do a sistaah a favor, take the time to forward this website to others, so that we can continue to build an audience.

Thank you.


Stacey McClain, President
Sistaah Gurlfriend Productions