SistaahFriend is almost here!

And, I’m extremely excited!!!! (You can generally tell by the exclamation points).

Just finished shooting episodes of SistaahFriend! And, we had so much fun.

Can’t wait to introduce you to my modern day African American super shero (no, shero ain’t a typo) and her crew– SistaahFriend, Diva Chick and Ymene. My cast was excellent, and so was the crew as we shot at damn near all day at THE J SPOT, last Saturday. There were a few celebrity guests in the house (who had everybody cracking up). And, now I can’t wait to finish editing it, as I know I got some good shots. So, keep checking back as SistaahFriend could be here any day now….

A special thanks to everyone for your hard work and support!

Continued blessings!