Okay, AFTER I GOT THIS in my email box… I smiled for almost 2 hours… I’m so excited to be a part of  THE BLACK PANEL… it’s LIKE THE CHRISTMAS WHEN I GOT MY PINK BIKE WITH THE BASKET ON THE FRONT!!!   I will be introducing, Sistaah Friend, my modern day black female super shero. (uh fellas, “Shero” is not misspelled, ).

I’m going to mostly twitter, so tune in if you’re following a sistaah, and I will be posting pics on fb.   😆   I’m so grateful to the M.O.T.U. i could hug him.. (he’s not a hugger, yall)… But, I just might anyway. Hope to see you there!   If you’re not going, send a sistaah a good vibe or 2!