Sistaah’s are headed to Comic Con!

Okay, this year, I’m ready!!

This story starts about 6 years ago, when I met the M.O.T.U. (master of the universe), Mr. Michael Davis. When I first met him, I must tell you that I had never met anyone with such a huge ego, and today I can tell you, I still haven’t… but know that, I have mad respect for the bruthafriend.

I met Michael Davis while working on “The Tom Joyner Show” and I must tell you that we damn near hated each other. And, even though we’d find creative ways to diss each other in that writer’s room, we both knew that walking away from a paycheck because of an evil co-worker was not an option for either of us. Well, every year since we met, Michael has invited me to Comic Con. And, the first time I went (July 2006) it changed my life. To make a long story short, I’m not quite sure where it turned around, but despite our clashing personalities, we have developed a mutual respect for one another and now there is a possibility that we may work together – again.

Since the beginning of this year, Michael and I have been collaborating, as he guides me on the development of “SistaahFriend,” the animated series. And, what I’m most excited about is possibly be introducing “SistaahFriend” on the BLACK PANEL – at the 40th Anniversary of Comic Con!!! I am so excited! It’s like a dream come true to be entrenched in the throws of the comic book world. Because, as Michael says… Comic Con is HUGE! (in his pronunciation, he drops the H).

Once I have a few details in place, Michael will let me know if announcing SF on the Black Panel will happen.   Know that I’m diligently working on it, trying to make it happen.

I’m asking that you please stay tuned to this site, because in the next few weeks, I MIGHT be making that announcement. BTW, the Black Panel, is hosted by none other than– the Master of The Universe, Michael Davis!

Major THANK YOU, for checking back and a HUGE thank you to my stubborn, but cool azz friend, Michael Davis. You can find him at