First of all, Thanks to everyone helped make this Web Series possible! That means YOU!!! Cast & Crew, Producers, Indiegogo supporters, Media Folks, Family & Friends. I could not have done this without you and you are much appreciated!


(Drumroll please!)

I am very proud to announce that…

“Sistaah Friend”

The Web Series is Launching!!!!

The Launch Party will take place at the event


El Cid (Silverlake)

4212 W. Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles 90029

• 8:00pm Pre-Show

• Cocktail mixer/Dinner Party

• 9:00pm Show

$8 cover – 21+

The screening will unveil 1 episode of Sistaah Friend because this event also screens other shows at this event. Please know I only have a limited amount of comps and most of those are allocated to the indiegogo supporters, as listed in their incentives.

If this does not include you, I hope that the cover charge does not deter you from attending the mixer. Because I really would like to see you all!

I will also be giving away swag at the event, so hopefully that will encourage you to make it. 🙂