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“Sistaah Friend” Web Series Launch Wednesday, June 20th 2012

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

First of all, Thanks to everyone helped make this Web Series possible! That means YOU!!! Cast & Crew, Producers, Indiegogo supporters, Media Folks, Family & Friends. I could not have done this without you and you are much appreciated!


(Drumroll please!)

I am very proud to announce that…

“Sistaah Friend”

The Web Series is Launching!!!!

The Launch Party will take place at the event


El Cid (Silverlake)

4212 W. Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles 90029

• 8:00pm Pre-Show

• Cocktail mixer/Dinner Party

• 9:00pm Show

$8 cover – 21+

The screening will unveil 1 episode of Sistaah Friend because this event also screens other shows at this event. Please know I only have a limited amount of comps and most of those are allocated to the indiegogo supporters, as listed in their incentives.

If this does not include you, I hope that the cover charge does not deter you from attending the mixer. Because I really would like to see you all!

I will also be giving away swag at the event, so hopefully that will encourage you to make it. 🙂

Press Release: What the World Needs Now is a ‘Sistaah Friend’ – New Web Series Puts a Modern Day Spin on the African American Super SHEro

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

“Sistaah Friend” (Khalilah Joi Dubose) is a modern day super SHEro! She mends, cultivates and encourages friendships…with the help of her magical purse. Like some Sistaahs, she loses her powers when she allows negative forces to stand in her way. Her trusty, yet skeptical, side kick is Diva Chick(Brittany Phillips) and while she’s a friend to the end, she’s still a diva. Her nemesis, Ymene (Jennifer D. Johnson) does a good job of stirring up negative energy as a reporter who is always looking for a way to discredit Sistaah Friend.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 11, 2012

“Sistaah Friend” saves the day and a whole lot more! The new web series about a modern day, super SHEro, her sexy side kick and relentless nemesis is set to launch on, Wednesday, June 20, 2012. One episode will also premiere on the same day at Web Series Unplugged, at 9 pm at El Cid, 4212 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90029. There is an $8 cover charge for this event. Creator Stacey McClain describes the catalyst of the incarnation of “Sistaah Friend”, “I wanted to see SHEroes that looked like people I know. Attending Comic Con a few times inspired me to create African American female characters that were not widely represented in the comic books.” Michael Davis, veteran TV Writer and Producer, co-creator of “Static Shock” and founder of Comic Con’s Black Panel encouraged McClain to create her own show. She is currently looking for sponsors for the second season.

About “Sistaah Friend”, Season One: “Sistaah Friend” (Khalilah Joi Dubose) is a modern day super SHEro! She mends, cultivates and encourages friendships…with the help of her magical purse. Like some Sistaahs, she loses her powers when she allows negative forces to stand in her way. Her trusty, yet skeptical, side kick is Diva Chick (Brittany Phillips) and while she’s a friend to the end, she’s still a diva. Her nemesis, Ymene (Jennifer D. Johnson) does a good job of stirring up negative energy as a reporter who is always looking for a way to discredit Sistaah Friend. The SAG series features many actresses that McClain has worked with on previous TV shows and plays she has written and/or produced. “Kym Whitley was the first person I approached and she gladly said, ‘Yes’,” McClain recalls. . “Sistaah Friend” credits: Creator/Director: Stacey McClain; Executive Producers: Donald Williams and Derek Pete; Producers: T. Smith, Shahari Moore, Phyllis Banks, Diane Dabney, Thyonne Gordon, Shahari Moore and Tatiana Johnson; Lead actresses: Khalilah Joi Dubose, Brittany Phillips, Jennifer D. Johnson; Guest stars: Kym Whitley, Kellita Smith, Devika Parikh, Patricia Belcher, Aloma Wright, Tanjareen Martin, Gary (G-Thang) Johnson and John Marshall Jones.

About Stacey McClain: Stacey McClain, ( is writer/producer who is consistently at the top of her game. Her first stage play “Culture Shock,” which she also produced and directed, earned her several NAACP Theater Award nominations, the prestigious Los Angeles Ira Aldridge Playwrights Award and a writing scholarship to UCLA. McClain began her television career working as a writer’s assistant on the “Jamie Foxx Show” and “The Smart Guy”. She was a staff writer on the “The Parkers”, worked as a writer/producer on a Disney Channel pilot, and on several productions including, “World’s Funniest Moments” and “The Tom Joyner Show.” Currently, McClain is credited with writing for a new scripted television series for BET entitled “Reed Between the Lines.” Her videos can be viewed on YouTube at

For more information about “Sistaah Friend” contact Stacey McClain, Sistaah Gurlfriend Productions, via e-mail sistaahgurl(at)gmail(dot)com. For media inquires: April Rushing, Rushing Media at april(at)rushingmedia(dot)com, 310-987-7318.

April Rushing
(310) 987-7318


Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Okay, AFTER I GOT THIS in my email box… I smiled for almost 2 hours… I’m so excited to be a part of  THE BLACK PANEL… it’s LIKE THE CHRISTMAS WHEN I GOT MY PINK BIKE WITH THE BASKET ON THE FRONT!!!   I will be introducing, Sistaah Friend, my modern day black female super shero. (uh fellas, “Shero” is not misspelled, ).

I’m going to mostly twitter, so tune in if you’re following a sistaah, and I will be posting pics on fb.   😆   I’m so grateful to the M.O.T.U. i could hug him.. (he’s not a hugger, yall)… But, I just might anyway. Hope to see you there!   If you’re not going, send a sistaah a good vibe or 2!


Stay Tuned…

Friday, July 17th, 2009

SistaahFriend is almost here!

And, I’m extremely excited!!!! (You can generally tell by the exclamation points).

Just finished shooting episodes of SistaahFriend! And, we had so much fun.

Can’t wait to introduce you to my modern day African American super shero (no, shero ain’t a typo) and her crew– SistaahFriend, Diva Chick and Ymene. My cast was excellent, and so was the crew as we shot at damn near all day at THE J SPOT, last Saturday. There were a few celebrity guests in the house (who had everybody cracking up). And, now I can’t wait to finish editing it, as I know I got some good shots. So, keep checking back as SistaahFriend could be here any day now….

A special thanks to everyone for your hard work and support!

Continued blessings!



Sistaahs Are Headed to Comic Con!

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Sistaah’s are headed to Comic Con!

Okay, this year, I’m ready!!

This story starts about 6 years ago, when I met the M.O.T.U. (master of the universe), Mr. Michael Davis. When I first met him, I must tell you that I had never met anyone with such a huge ego, and today I can tell you, I still haven’t… but know that, I have mad respect for the bruthafriend.

I met Michael Davis while working on “The Tom Joyner Show” and I must tell you that we damn near hated each other. And, even though we’d find creative ways to diss each other in that writer’s room, we both knew that walking away from a paycheck because of an evil co-worker was not an option for either of us. Well, every year since we met, Michael has invited me to Comic Con. And, the first time I went (July 2006) it changed my life. To make a long story short, I’m not quite sure where it turned around, but despite our clashing personalities, we have developed a mutual respect for one another and now there is a possibility that we may work together – again.

Since the beginning of this year, Michael and I have been collaborating, as he guides me on the development of “SistaahFriend,” the animated series. And, what I’m most excited about is possibly be introducing “SistaahFriend” on the BLACK PANEL – at the 40th Anniversary of Comic Con!!! I am so excited! It’s like a dream come true to be entrenched in the throws of the comic book world. Because, as Michael says… Comic Con is HUGE! (in his pronunciation, he drops the H).

Once I have a few details in place, Michael will let me know if announcing SF on the Black Panel will happen.   Know that I’m diligently working on it, trying to make it happen.

I’m asking that you please stay tuned to this site, because in the next few weeks, I MIGHT be making that announcement. BTW, the Black Panel, is hosted by none other than– the Master of The Universe, Michael Davis!

Major THANK YOU, for checking back and a HUGE thank you to my stubborn, but cool azz friend, Michael Davis. You can find him at



Thank you!

Monday, June 29th, 2009


We are a very new company and despite these economic times, we  remain focused and insistent on viewing the glass as half full! Although the landscape of entertainment is constantly changing, know that we are excited about servicing the needs of our clients as they serve a vast audience no matter what the medium.

SGP firmly believes that anything is possible and when you are tenacious and put in good work, good things happen. So, we hope that you explore the possibilities with us and please– keep us in your favorites.           

Thank you for continuing to visit.


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